Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Sheriff in Town

Howdy, y'all...

The Western Shop at Consign & Design Shoreline is officially open! We've been busy gathering the most awesome inventory. And just like our furniture we have only the highest quality pieces. We don't have a name yet but we have some really cool western wear. Come in today and see for yourself!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Old Western Consignment


Western Wear and Accessories
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 We are currently looking for old vintage or gently used Cowboy Boots 
Cowboy Hats (straw, oil cloth, leather or felt), BeltsSpursConchos 
and all types of western clothing (shirts, blouses, skirts). 
We have a plan that we're not quite ready to reveal but it will be so cool and fun.
If you are ready to part with any of these items, please click on this link I've Got Boots 
and let us know what you have. If you want to send photos you can. 
Let us know the best way to reach you in case we need to set up an appointment. 
We will put on consignment or buy outright.
 Let's see what kind of response we get and... 
...let's see whatcha got!!
consignment, thrift store, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage retro, retro